Making Care Easier.

Caring for aging loved ones is hard. Really hard. It is hard for patients, hard for families and hard for caregivers. We want to make it easier.

Annie works seamlessly with these devices and services:

Hi there, I’m Annie. Nice to meet you.

I’m a voice first digital assistant that was built out of a need to provide coordinated, compassionate and connected care for our elderly loved ones who are currently receiving in home care, attending adult daycare or both. I like to consider myself a facilitator designed to make things easier for private duty home care agencies, adult day cares, care professionals, patients and their families. I know there are a lot of digital assistants out there so I work with most of today’s leading edge technology to fulfill my mission. I also connect to your existing EMR system or Agency Management Platform (like ClearCare) so you don’t have to double type stuff like patient data.

Hi, me again. I’m also big on privacy of everyone who interacts with me so I’ll go to great lengths to protect all information I interact with.  I run on HIPAA compliant infrastructure put patient privacy as my top priority. I’m currently in beta so if you are interested in taking me out for a spin, apply now to be part of our beta program, it’s free. We have limited space in this program.

How Annie AI Works for


Home Health Agencies

Running an efficient, profitable home health organization is hard.  Calls from patients, emails from families, texts from employees.  Imagine if you had a little extra help.


Adult Day Care Center

Running & scheduling activities, transportation, keeping patients active, games, outings, serving meals, giving medication on time.  Daycares are busy places but serve a valuable purpose in both making sure our loved ones stay engaged and helping a home care business grow.  What if your daycare had an extra hand?



Who is relieving me? How do I escalate a situation with a patient properly? Updating the care logs, cleaning, engaging with the patient, giving medication.  You are swamped.  What if someone could help?



Mom has a doctors appointment next week,  I need someone to take her.  How did Dad do today? How is Mom’s hip surgery recovery going? I want Dad to get out more.  How do I schedule care easily so I can focus on my family?  What if you had an assistant?


Key Features/Benefits

  • Medication Reminders
  • Call for help from Fall (Contact Caregiver or 911)
  • Send training videos to caregivers while onsite with specific data that connects to their task list. (IE how to make the bed, how to take pulse ox, etc).
  • Monitor vital signs, pulse ox, heartrate report back to Agency POC platform
  • Call from caregiver
  • Shift alerts and monitoring
  • Room temperature monitoring
  • Lack of movement monitoring
  • Sleep logs
  • Monitoring Dashboards
  • Intelligent alerts based on predictive analytics when multiple events occur
  • Family can “check in” on loved one and see what care was done in a day/week
  • Caregiver can update care log, which flows back to POC system
  • Caregiver functions, clock in/out, update tasks to drive engagement/adoption
  • Medication Adherence
  • Caregiver can schedule an Uber to get to his/her shift and auto deduct the cost from paycheck
  • Coordinate rides to and from doctor and hospital appointments for patients
  • Schedule daily daycare activities and integrate with shared calendars
  • Coordinate transportation to/from day care facility and track progress and safety

About Us

Logan and Valerie Hutchinson are the co-founders of

Valerie has over 2 decades of adult daycare and home health care experience and owns/operates Young at Heart in the Chicago area and has done so for the last 10 years.

Logan has over 2 decades of technology product management and leadership experience. He has built and launched 100’s of high tech products for large conglomerate organizations such as Siemens and Motorola as well as built bleeding edge products for some of Silicon Valley’s hottest startups. has changed the way we can interact with our clients, families and caregivers.

FPA, ANP-C In Home Medical Group ,

Alexandra Pedretti

We integrate with ClearCare

I’m currently in beta so if you are interested in taking me out for a spin, apply now to be part of our beta program, it’s free.

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