Allow caregivers and agency owners to coordinate care through chatbots, off the shelf digital assistants, mobile apps and web dashboards.  All from healthcare grade and secure AWS infrastructure.

Annie works seamlessly with these devices and services:

Annie AI for Home Health Agencies

Efficiency is the lifeblood of your home health business.  You need to provide top quality care to keep and attract new clients while paying highest possible wages to caregivers. can help you out in many ways, big or small, you choose how she fits into your business.  As always, she integrates with many of the common systems you already use today.

Annie AI for Adult Day Care Center

Want to make sure your activities start on time and track the participation of each client and caregiver? How about giving a printable report for family members each day or allow them to access through a convenient web portal.  Annie can be your new fractional activities director.

Annie AI for Caregivers

Are administrators telling you to not look at your phone during a shift? Want to be able to update your care log and tasks as you do them? Annie can help you too.  We know that time spent doing admin work takes away from the most important thing….working with the patient.

Annie AI for Families

Have you ever struggled to book care for your loved one? Or find a reliable agency that does great work that you trust with your heart and soul?  Annie can make letting loved ones remain at home or with you a scalable reality.  She is connected to your core care team and can update you on how your loved one is doing so you are always in the loop.


  • Integrates with your existing Point of Care platform
  • Get fewer admin calls and texts. Provide a 24/7 answer center to answer common questions via an intuitive chatbot,  Answer common questions by families and caregivers via an intuitive voice interface or chatbot that retrieves answers from your system of record.
  • Track caregivers location to see if they will be on time for a shift or if it needs to be covered by someone else
  • Send training videos to caregivers while onsite to perform key tasks
  • Provides you with alternate revenue streams and helps improve profit margins by offering remote care options to supplement in-person care
  • Medication reminders and adherence for patients and caregivers
  • Escalate conversations to on call administrator instead of phone/text tag and reduce duplicate conversations among management team members has served as an instant activities director in our day care center. The clients love interacting with her on our Apple TV

Estera F. RN and Office Manager,

 Young at Heart Adult Daycare

I’m currently in beta so if you are interested in taking me out for a spin, apply now to be part of our beta program, it’s free.

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