At Annie.ai, we fundamentally understand it does not make sense to implement technology for the sake of technology.  It must serve a higher purpose and solve real world needs.  Annie.ai has been tested and proven with private duty home health organizations, adult day cares, patients and families.

Annie works seamlessly with these devices and services:

Our Technology

Annie.ai leverages many of today’s leading edge technology platforms and devices such as Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant to bring you a voice first digital assistant that crosses multiple platforms and devices.

With Annie.ai, privacy and security are top priority for our users and patients.  We run on HIPAA compliant AWS infrastructure and our products have multiple layers of security to make sure the right people are given the right information as you interact with Annie.


  • Integrates with your existing Point of Care platform
  • Get fewer admin calls and texts. Provide a 24/7 answer center to answer common questions via an intuitive chatbot,  Answer common questions by families and caregivers via an intuitive voice interface or chatbot that retrieves answers from your system of record.
  • Track caregivers location to see if they will be on time for a shift or if it needs to be covered by someone else
  • Send training videos to caregivers while onsite to perform key tasks
  • Provides you with alternate revenue streams and helps improve profit margins by offering remote care options to supplement in-person care
  • Medication reminders and adherence for patients and caregivers
  • Escalate conversations to on call administrator instead to reduce duplicate conversations among management team members

Our Technology

Using AI, Internet of Things, Machine Learning and some TLC to coordinate care, make agencies more efficient, and improve quality of life for those we love. Annie makes homecare easier.

Chatbot and Voice Assistant

Annie.ai has a chatbot to answer your caregivers most common questions, update care logs, and view schedules.

Integrated with your existing systems

With Annie.ai, you can integrate with your existing EMR or Point of Care platform.  This eliminates the need to re-key or duplicate critical patient information.  Annie uses this system as a source of information to answer questions and also updates data.

Leverage AI and Machine Learning for ”Intelligent Alerts”

Let’s face it, we get a lot of alerts these days.  Alerts on our phone, alerts from this app, alerts from that app, reminders on your calendar.  Annie.ai analyzes many of those alerts and provides you with the most relevant ones for the moment.


You can also interact with Annie.ai through many different Apps and Devices.  Apple, Google, Amazon Alexa, FitBit.  Each one designed to allow you to choose how much you utilize Annie.

Annie.ai has changed the way we can interact with our clients, families and caregivers.

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